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About Us

We've always believed in the saying that "A little goes a long way and that every little effort counts". So at Protek Asia, we are committed to do our part in helping make this Earth we live on a better place and to ensure that our next generation will benefit from our efforts.

Our company export high-tech Russian, innovative, eco-friendly, protective nano coatings worldwide. We have offices in Russia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Samples are dispatched from our warehouse in Shenzhen, China due to lower courier fees for shipment of liquids.

People want to better their lives and desire to have a healthier, pollutant free, environment. Change has to start with self and from the communities. We believe that through bringing green initiatives and awareness to each Asia society will have a major positive effect. If a few households or even better, housing developers in Asia switch over to eco-friendly paint/coating, millions of people will be protected from poisonous gases and heavy metals. Imagine what else can be accomplished with the products we have.

It is our vision and mission to Protect Asia and to eventually bring awareness to protect the world. This of course is not a small effort. So we ask that you our friends and business partners to take part in our mission and help us protect Asia and the rest of the world. Remember, every little contribution will led to a healthier, cleaner, less polluted, abundant Earth for many generations to come.Namaste! 

The outstanding products from PROTEK ASIA LTD will greatly improve most solutions you're looking to resolve long-term...in any industry! Superior PROTEK ASIA coatings offers more than just a cover. With our products you’ll get the results you’ll expect while saving money, improving your environmental footprint and reducing your carbon impact !Our coatings professionally solve real problems in the industrial, oil and gas, chemical, commercial and residential sectors. PROTEK ASIA coatings successfully replace all the traditional types of insulation materials cover a wide range of temperatures and other environmental conditions, have unsurpassed durability up to 15 years.


Our headliner is Nano Liquid Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coating Re-Therm™ that can operate from -70 ℃  and up to +250 ℃. Due it's liquid form it can be applied on the surface with difficult shape and structure and in places where "classic" thermal insulation can't be used and space matters.Effectively prevents condensation and possible to carryout works without the system shutdown.


Fighting hazardous and extremely harmful radon problem in many South Asian countries is an expensive battle, and it can cause permanent damage to human’s health. PROTEK ASIA has effective, cost-efficient solution to radon problems with our R-COMPOSIT™ RADON coating.


With the rising costs of doing business, energy efficiency has never been more important. Ultrafine Liquid Ceramic Thermal Insulation RE-THERM™ coatings from PROTEK ASIA, block heat transfer and outperform fiberglass insulation and any other traditional way of buildings, roofs or pipelines insulations.


The protection of concrete from sun ,rain  and corrosion is difficult, but not with PROTEK ASIA coating products such as R-COMPOSIT™.  


NANO-FIX™ MEDIC deep penetrating materials are designed to fight and resist mildew and mold.Effectively destroys spores of 8 kinds of mold to reduce the chance of new mold emergence.


Get fireproofing  that you can count on with PROTEK ASIA Re-Flame™ intumescent coating that have been tested over a range of materials and conditions.Can  withstand open flame up to 90 min!


PROTEK ASIA has an excellent solution for rust and evaporation problems applied to oil storage tanks and pipelines with our NANO-FIX ANTICOR™ and RE-THERM™ coatings.