• Intumescent fire retardant coating with nanoparticles   QMS Standard ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) certified 

    • Lightweight
    • Forms thin layer
    • Easy to repair
    • Excellent decorative properties

    Lately industrial and commercial frame building featuring supporting steel structures has been in great demand. Such construction methods have several advantages over brick masonry, monolithic construction and other kinds primarily due to reduced construction time, cost and weight of buildings built with such technologies.

     However,using this construction technology requires a lot of attention to the protection of loadbearing parts from corrosion,condensation and fire exposure in the event of a fire. Along with thermal insulating coating LCTIC our company developed a highly efficient fire retardant paint Pro-Flame.

    In the event of fire, bearing metal structures are subjected to high temperatures and begin to deform. This phenomenon leads to the destruction of an entire building over a very brief period of time.

    In order to delay the moment of building collapse due to the heat produced by the fire, it is necessary to protect metal surfaces from heat exposure. Pro-Flame intumescent fire-retardant properties allow it to expand under heat exposure up to 50 times.While expanding Pro-Flame forms refractory foam that has low thermal conductivity, which prevents flames and heat from reaching metal surfaces. Thus, Pro-Flame restrains flame temperature up to 120 minutes. This amount of time is assumed to be sufficient for a complete evacuation of personnel from the premises and for arrival of emergency response team to the site, assuming that they would have time to put out the fire before the building starts to collapse.

     Fire-protective coating Pro-Flame is produced with American and European-made components on high-tech equipment that allows components to be processed up to their optimum level of mixing and grinding. It should also be noted that Pro-Flame fireproof composition includes nanostructured particles (nanoplatelets) of alumina which contributes to its durability, strength and resistance to humidity.



    Foam layer formed due to direct fire treatment of Pro-Flame coating 0.7mm thick.

  • Application area:

    The paint is designed to be applied to metal structures in order to increase their fire resistance up to 120 minutes and to prevent the spread of the flame during the development of a fire and is used to protect metal enclosing, bearing and roofing structures and ceilings.



    Acrylic copolymers, flame retardants, pigments, fillers, special additives, water.



    • Provides increased fire resistance of metal structures from 30 to 120 minutes ! ( 2 Hours )
    •  Relatively weatherproof (with the use of fire retardant coating in atmospheric conditions or in aggressive environments, it is necessary to use additional protective and decorative paintwork materials)
    •  Eco-friendly product (does not contain organic solvents)
    •  After drying does not emit harmful substances to humans in the air environment
    •  Has high adhesion
    •  Easy to apply and apply
    •  Operating Ambient Temperature range from -60 ºС to +60 ºС


    Method of application:

     Brush, roller, paint sprayer

     The tool is cleaned with water immediately after the work is done.


    Application Instructions

    The paint is applied to a previously primed, dry, clean surface. Before painting, mix the paint thoroughly and dilute with water if necessary.

    The paint is applied in several layers, depending on the required thickness of the fire retardant coating. The thickness of each layer of coating should be no more than 0.4-0.5 mm.


    Application conditions:

    Ambient temperature from +5 ºС to +35 ºС

    Relative air humidity (80 ± 5)%


    Drying time:

    1 hour with a layer thickness of 0.4-0.5 mm at a temperature of +20 ° C and a relative humidity of air (80 ± 5)%.



    Depending on the required degree of fire resistance of metal structures (object) and the reduced thickness of metal structures. The consumption for a layer thickness of 1 mm is 1.42 kg / m2



    Water, but not more than 5% of the volume of paint.

    Transportation and storage:

    In a tightly closed container.At a temperature not lower than 0 ºС (it is allowed to freeze and thaw the paint to 5 cycles)

     Warranty shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacture. Date of manufacture is indicated on the label


    Precautionary measures:

    When applying, use personal protective equipment..If the paint is in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.Keep out of the reach of children.

    For further questions regarding the specific application of a intumescent fire retardant coating Pro-Flame, contact the manufacturer or regional  distributors.For all

     self developed, inconsistent with the manufacturer for technical solutions related to product development, company Protekasia is not responsible.


  • 1. To rescue and protect personnel:

    • Safe evacuation of people from a building within a defined period of time;
    • Establishment of a certain area or secure space in a building for a specified period of time.

     2. To protect property and assets:

    • Fire protection of various units, sections of buildings and equipment;
    • Preventing spreading of flames around an object;
    • Protection (insulation) of objects from fire exposure.


     Pro-FLAME, being a highly-effective flame-retardant substance can be used in construction in the following sites and construction nodes:

     1.Protecting and supporting structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete

     Concrete and reinforced concrete are not subject to combustion,but heat treatment in general and an open flame in particular can to destroy them within 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the intensity and the temperature. Therefore concrete and reinforced concrete need fire protection.

     2.Structural section

     Steel, like concrete, is not flammable, but when exposed to flame and high temperatures it begins to melt and lose its strength. Moreover this happens over a very short time interval. Therefore, steel sections, particularly structural ones, need fire protection at all times.

     3.Air ducts (vents)

    During a fire in a building, air ducts and plastic sewage risers are usually the main source of flame spreading on the floors.

     4.Flat roofs

     Bituminous materials which are often used as flat roofs coating are very combustible. Therefore a roof made with bituminous materials also needs fire protection

     5.Window apertures

     Window apertures are filled with materials like foam. Such materials are combustible and hence these structures also need to be protected against fire.

     6.Wooden structures

     Among non-synthetic and environmentally friendly building materials wood is the most combustible. Therefore fireproof coating Pro-FLAME, applied to a wooden surface, will reliably protect it from fire for a long time and will not affect its environmental credentials.