Great success at the Coatexpo 2013 in Guangzhou!!!

From the 21st May to the 23rd May, Protek Asia LTD has successfully attended the
Guangzhou Coating Expo China 2013. With the high-end technologies from Russian
aerospace technology of Nano Liquid Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coating RE-THERM™,
Liquid Polymer Hydro Insulation materials R-COMPOSIT™, Anti-Radon coatings RCOMPOSIT™RADON and NANO-FIX™, Protek Asia has gained the most attention from the
crowd. Since we are the only company performing live thermal insulation experiment placing ice blocks on both sides of electro stove one side with our Nano Liquid Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coating RE-THERM™ where ice is not melting but the other side is, we have definitely become the most popular coating exhibitor in Pazhou, Guangzhou. The video of the extraordinary experiment can be found on our official website for Re-Therm